Building Conscious, Caring & Competent
Supporters and Educators
Individuals and Students
Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities

Please find links to the most recent projects supported by the Ontario Ministry of Education and the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services. Both were funded as demonstration projects to incorporate the learnings of Conscious Classrooms and Conscious Care and Support into the current models of support being offered in the educational and developmental systems.

"This precious book will help many carers to live their lives more fully as they relate and care for people with disabilities. Peter Marks through Conscious Care and Support provides supporters with the skills that will enable them to be competent and kind in situations where they may be in front of people whose behaviours awaken quite different feelings in them."
Jean Vanier
Co-Founder - L'ARCHE International
Quoted from the CCS Textbook foreword

A Centre For Conscious Care

A Centre for Conscious Care (CCC) evolved approximately 20 years ago from a not for profit human services organization started in 1986 by Peter Marks and his wife Joanne. It grew from Peter and Joanne's personal experiences in seeing supporters of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities (ASD/DD) being seriously challenged to offer compassionate and competent support services, especially at times of difficult behaviours.

CCC has been built on Peter's 4 decades of experience in Human and Health services, his dedication to only recommend evidence based interventions due to his 'hard sciences' training in Engineering and his more than 3 decades of intrapersonal skills and insights development as a mindfulness practitioner and facilitator. Based on this solid foundation, he has successfully applied ASD/DD support best practices from, for example, Harvard, University of Toronto and The Centre For Discovery .

These well researched interventions, together with 6 highly effective human competences for supporters, offer an effective balance of Science and Heart -ie optimal know how and know who.

Our goal

Working with individuals on the Autism/DD spectrum is often difficult and frustrating, no matter what the setting: Home, School or Support Facility.

Our goal is to prevent difficult behaviours and enhance the life experience of both the individual with Autism/DD and the people who support by:

  • developing a new understanding of the needs of individuals with ASD/DD and how leaving those needs left unmet leads to anxiety and aggressive reactions
  • training for those who support individuals with ASD/DD to meet their needs with consistent calm and compassion
  • providing a proven “emergency response” to challenging behaviours that will quickly de-escalate the event before it can lead to aggression


  • Conscious Care & Support Training and Certification
  • Conscious Classrooms Training and Certification
  • Coaching
  • Agency consultation
  • Family workshops and consultations
  • Support plan training
  • Leadership training