Who We Are

Founders and Developers of CCC
“Drawing on many years of experience and supported by extensive trans-disciplinary research findings, Peter Marks brings unique insight and a profound humility and care to the lessons he shares in Conscious Care and Support. [His] emphasis is on teaching family and agency supporters how to be unconditionally compassionate and calm while supporting others in extremely stressful conditions. In so doing, [he] guides us all to critically reflect on our practices of leadership and support to others and to foster relationships of reciprocity,gentleness and deep compassion. “ Dr. Michael Bach - Executive Vice-President, Canadian Association for Community Living

CCS Process Contributors:

The goal of CCC is simple: to enable individuals on the Autism/DD spectrum to be all that they can be. The best way to achieve this quality of life for all individuals is to work with the people who care for and about them: the caregivers, support workers, site managers, case managers, family, educators. We believe that as we enhance the understanding, commitment, emotional maturity and compassion of the supporters, we enhance the quality of life of those supported. In fact, both groups share a new experience of fulfillment.

At CCC, we are committed to seeking out the best and most recent research and applying that research to our best practices. Thanks to researchers at Harvard Medical School, The Centre for Discovery and numerous other research and treatment programs throughout North America, we now know that many of the challenging behaviours ascribed to ASD/DD are in fact a byproduct of anxiety and stress that results from unmet bio-medical needs. We have drawn together research from the fields of neurology, neuroplasticity, social neurobiology, gastrointestinal health, ASD, and physical fitness (among others) to draw a new map of the range and type of these stressors, far beyond what we have previously taken into consideration. We have taken the research in these fields and in relevant conventional behavior therapies, plus new fields such as mindfulness, energy balancing, emotional freedom therapy, and sensory integration, to build new practices to match our new understandings.

All of our programs give participants a more complete understanding of the complex needs and stressors of the individuals they are supporting, so that they will develop a much fuller capacity to meet those needs.

Anyone who has tried to manage the most challenging behaviours of individuals with ASD for any length of time knows how very difficult this work can be, how hard it is to stay conscious and compassionate in the middle of conflict or confrontation. CCC is unique in offering practical training in how to access calm and compassion even in the most difficult situation, and bring those qualities to every encounter.

As we grow, we are branching out into every area where we can help the people who support individuals with autism/DD.
  • Conscious Care and Support (CCS) is our program for families and supporters in the healthcare and community and social services systems.
  • Conscious Classrooms (CC) is our program for administrators, teachers and education workers.
  • Mindful Emotionally Mature Management(MEMM) is the program we have adapted to help leaders and managers in all fields to support their staff in applying the core principles of CCS.

Agency Staff Trained In and Applying the CCS Process:

  • Extend-A-Family: Waterloo, Toronto, ON.
  • KW Habilitation: Kitchener-Waterloo Region, ON.
  • Community Living Cambridge: Cambridge, ON.
  • Anago: London, ON.
  • Participation House: London, ON.
  • Community Living London: London, ON.
  • Rygiel Supports for Community Living: Hamilton, ON.
  • L’Arche Daybreak: Richmond Hill, ON.
  • Community Living Oakville: Oakville, ON.
  • Windsor Essex Family Network: Windsor, ON.
  • London Health Science Centre, UWO: London, ON.
  • Community Living Burlington: Burlington, ON.
  • Community Living Windsor: Windsor, ON.
  • Parents for Community Living: Kitchener, ON.
  • Kerry’s Place Autism Services: Special Education School: Durham, ON.
  • Durham Association for Family Respite Services: Durham, ON.
  • Ontario Ministry of Education, Special Needs Division.
  • Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services, Developmental Disabilities Branch.

CCS Process Contributors:

The Conscious Care and Support process has been created in direct consultation with:
  • Directors, managers, frontline staff of autism and developmental disabilities support agencies
  • Children, youth and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities
  • Dr. Theresa Hamlin, Associate Executive Director, and staff at The Center for Discovery
  • Dr. John Ratey, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
  • Dr. Martha Herbert, Assistant Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School;
    Paediatric Neurologist; Director of Transcend Research Program,
    Massachusetts General Hospital;
    Scientific Advisory Committee Member of Autism Speaks.
  • Shinzen Young: Mindfulness Research Consultant, Harvard Medical School