Experienced Education, Training and Consultation

Experienced Education, Training and ConsultationExperienced Education, Training and Consultation

Building Conscious, Caring & Competent Supporters of People With Autism & Developmental Disabilities


A Centre for Conscious Care

A Centre for Conscious Care (CCC) evolved approximately 20 years ago from a not for profit human services organization started in 1986 by Peter Marks and his wife Joanne.  It grew from Peter and Joanne's personal experiences in seeing supporters of individuals who have developmental disabilities and autism being seriously challenged to offer compassionate and competent support services, especially at times of challenging expressions of anxiety, agitation and even aggression.  

CCC has been built on Peter's 40 years of experience in Human and Health Services, his dedication to only recommend evidence-based interventions due to his 'hard sciences' training in Engineering and his more than 30 years of developing intrapersonal skills and insights as a mindfulness practitioner and facilitator. 

Based on this solid foundation, Peter has successfully applied best practices of support from leading educational and research institutions inclusive of Harvard, University of Toronto, Western University and The Center for Discovery into his approach of support.  These well researched interventions and best practices, together with highly effective human competences for supporters, offer an effective balance of Science and Heart - the optimal "know how" and "know who" of implementing support for people who have a developmental disability or autism.


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