Health Disclaimer

Medications and More

We hope that you enjoy the resources listed and highlighted on our site. Discovering pieces of optimal support that may have yet to be explored is truly exciting to complete a comprehensive plan of care for people who have a disability. We hope that you have discovered that there may be more to what has currently been happening to ensure that we can reduce anxiety, agitation and aggression to provide optimal supports to the people we support and our loved ones. 

Even though we believe in many situations that prescribed medications can manage some experienced symptoms of anxiety, it does not often get to the root cause of anxiety for treatment. That being said, medications are required in many situations and can be lifesaving. Please do not stop, adjust, or modify your dose of any prescribed medications without the direct supervision of your primary care physician.

Situations that involve further exploration into mineral and vitamin balance and taking supplements should not be done without supervision of a specialized practitioner (e.g. Primary Care Physician, Naturopathic Doctor, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Dietician, etc.) 

Any integration or altering of a plan surrounding sensory integration and processing should be done in consultation of a qualified occupational therapist or sensory specialist.

The resources found on our website can help reposition and discover one’s potential through skills of emotional maturity and self-regulation. This could possibly lead someone to experience feelings of guilt, depression and anxiety. These feelings should not be taken lightly.  Anyone who is suffering from any of these disorders should be working with a professional. Getting help starts with talking about what you are experiencing with a professional.

Thank you for sharing your time with us!

With gratitude,

The CCC Team